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ann mason thomson will.pdf
This typed transcription shows a page from Ann Thomson Mason's Last Will and Testament.

Shad Fishing1.jpg
Another rare image of women and men displaying their fresh catch on the James River in Virginia, 1915.

Shad Fishing2.jpg
A photograph of African-American shad fishermen on the James River in Virginia, circa early 1910s

Bell's surgery.jpg
This publication was kept in George Mason's book collection.

Burying Ground.JPG
The burial sites surrounding the red rectangle may contain the graves of enslaved individuals of Gunston Hall, including people who grew up as children on the plantation.

sickness and health.jpg
Cover image of an essay by Edward Strother, MD. This medical pamphlet shows the London-published sources circulating in 18th-century colonial America. George Mason IV (and probably John Mercer) owned quite a number of Strother's publications.

Criticon Febrium.jpeg
This work was among the medical books willed to George Mason by his uncle, John Mercer.

Strother Essay.jpg
This medical pamphlet was among the publications willed to George Mason IV by his uncle John Mercer.

This trial book shows the absence of George Mason IV, a presiding Justice of the Peace, in a court case involving the public acknowledgment of the ages of enslaved children, possibly for the purpose of reinforcing their rightless state or…

Mason Letter.pdf
This letter from George Mason IV to Thomas Jefferson, dated July 1788, asks Jefferson to make sure that a man named Captain Fenwick ("Partner of the House in Bourdeaux") bought the right type of clothes for enslaved persons of Gunston Hall. This…
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