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innoculation letter.pdf
In this letter to John Mason (1766-1849), one of George Mason IV's children, the patriarch of Gunston Hall tells his son that enslaved people on the plantation were inoculated against small pox. This originally hand-written document was typed in…

Evolution of Slave Laws ECGM Omeka.pdf
This document from the “slave holdings” file of Gunston Hall’s archival library describes the evolution of “slave laws” in Virginia from 1619 to 1832.

This inventory lists the medical books in the library of John Mercer (1704-1768), the uncle and tutor of George Mason IV. This originally hand-written document was typed in the 20th century. This originally hand-written document was typed in the…

"Inventory of the goods and Chattels belonging to the Estate of George Mason of Lexington deceased taken on the Tenth day of January One thousand seven hundred and Ninety seven"

Night Fishing.JPG
A drawing of enslaved people fishing in the Albemarle Sound of North Carolina.

"Slaves being inspected prior to sale."

A notice warning of the risk of smallpox spreading with the importation into the Chesapeake and Low Country of enslaved individuals landed in Charles Town, South Carolina,

gunston nell.pdf
This ledger entry shows that George Mason IV's neighbor Martin Cockburn (1731-1820), a white planter born in Jamaica, paid Gunston Nell, an enslaved woman of Gunston Hall, for her expertise in delivering a baby. This originally hand-written document…

Diseases of Children.jpg
This published work was among the medical books in George Mason IV's library.

IMG_20170728_234823_990 (1).jpg
This is a photograph of the front of Gunston Hall. George Mason IV, his family members and friends, as well as his respected visitors would have used the main door framed by the white columns.
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